Unsurprisingly, and perhaps a call to action, much of the continued expansion of the vertical market is supposed to occur in Asia-Pacific, a region forecasted to exceed 4.9 billion people by 2030. By the year 2030, Asia-Pacific is expected to account for more than 40% of the global GDP, reaching a mind-boggling $45.8 trillion. It is this momentum of growth that establishes the emergence of regenerative and conservative agricultural practices to meet the current and expected societal food demands.

Although the article below mentions aquaponics only as a growth mechanism and focuses instead more on hydroponically grown produce statistics, it’s reasonable to anticipate a mainstream revelation of aquaponics that will match, or even surpass, hydroponic numbers within the coming years.

Follow the link below to the article to read what the other trends associated with the vertical market are expected to do before this decade’s end.