💡  Most of the antibiotics used in aquaculture are not specific to aquaculture, thus promoting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria and genes.

📌 Research Highlights:
▶ Authorized antibiotics in aquaculture come from substances primarily intended for veterinary use
▶ Antibiotics stunt gowth & eliminate pathogenic bacteria
▶ Fish can not metabolize the antibiotics and excrete the drug’s residue into their environment, posing a risk for humans and fish

🎯 AMR is an immediate threat to the longevity and health of aquaculture and demands a culmination of monitoring programs, guidelines, antibiotic residue evaluation, etc. There have been encouraging progresses in the concern of AMR from the nascent use of alternative practices, such as probiotics, phage therapy, vaccination, among others.

📷 Image: The introduction and cycle of antibiotics in an aquaculture system (Source: Santos and Ramos, 2018)


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