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Introducing AquaBuddy, a water quality advisor based on natural intelligence. 

When It Comes to Water Quality: Test, Don't Guess


What Is AquaBuddy?

AquaBuddy is proprietary software developed by Regen Aquaculture to help growers better understand what actions to take based on their water quality and reduce the costs that occur when consulting with experts.

A Customized Report Is Generated and Returned to the Farmer Containing:


  • A customized crop management plan
  • Recommendations for improving/maintaining water quality
  • Graphs tracking data over time

  • An acceptable nutrient amendments reference list

  • FAQs regarding nutrient management in aquaponic systems

Choosing Your Water Quality Lab

The most important step is finding the right lab that meets your needs. A good place to begin your search is to contact your local extension agent or agricultural university to see what options are available locally.

Pick a Plan That Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Water Quality Testing Necessary?


Plants are what they eat. If you’re are solely relying on fish feed or minimal supplementation for your nutrients, there is a good chance that your plants may be visually unhealthy, a result from undetectable nutrient deficiencies.

Deficiencies increase the plants susceptibility to pests and diseases and impact growth, maturation rates, nutrient density, and shelf life.

Performing water quality testing enables preventative practices to take action before its too late.

Is There an App for AquaBuddy?


Yes! With a few clicks, you and your entire team can add our water quality submission form to your phone.

How Do I Get Started With AquaBuddy?


Getting started is easy. All you have to do is take your full water quality results from any lab and enter the data into our submission form which you can access from your phone or computer.

THAT’S IT! After submitting the Google form, within a couple of minutes you will receive an email  from our team members with further recommendations and consultation.

Where Should I Perform My Water Quality Testing?


For small-scale freshwater growers, we often recommend Micro Macro International,  although it is always a good practice to contact your local extension agent or agricultural university first to see what options are available.

What if I Can't Afford Testing?


For non-profits, schools, and international growers, we can subsidize a portion of the cost based on your unique situation. If you have any financial limitations, please reach out to us at

What if I Want To Use a Custom Formula for My Crop?


Every plant and cultivar is different. We continually redefine optimal nutrient levels by combining the data collected from water quality testing and plant sap analysis into an extensive database. We help develop customized crop fertilization schedules that improve nutrient use efficiency and plant health using this data. If for any reason you have a customized formula for your crop or clients, we can add that to our database and make sure you get credit for the recipe. Contact for more information.

Where Can I Learn More About Plant Nutrition?


To help spread information we have created a section of recommended books and open-sourced library of research papers.

What Do You Mean 'Natural Intelligence'?


Natural Intelligence is a term that isn’t clearly defined. Still, we use it to describe a system in which the recommendations of the action developed by Humans who created their opinions on what to do based on a lifetime of continual learning, connecting with plants, studying plant nutrition, and making happy accidents.

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