Organifarm debuted their strawberry picking robot, Berry, at the Green Tech fair in Amsterdam.

💡 Berry is as close to full autonomy as any AI or robot anywhere in the industry.

📌 Berry can:
▶ Navigate around grow spaces and change rows inside a greenhouse
▶ Verify the quality of each strawberry as it picks it
▶ Store up to 8 crates of picked strawberries, around 40kg

🎯 Berry, like the mp3, is a complete game changer, signaling an inevitable shift in the industry, a changing of the guards, so to speak. What makes Berry revolutionary is its image recognition capability to determine the ripeness and readiness of a vine crop and to leave not-ready strawberries on the vine with pinpointed location memory. And with full autonomy and larger-than-average storing capacity, labor intensive harvesting for humans is now on the path to becoming outdated. From vine to packaging, these are picked strawberries that never have to be touched by a human. How soon until robots like Berry become the norm in greenhouses?

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