Using outdated, 60-year old pond models devloped by the Belgans, Africa’s population has grown its fish production capacity. According to this article, fewer than 100 commercial tilapia growing ventures have sprung up in the past 30 years. And that is why David Fincham had developed the Aquaculture Production Unit (APU) (think Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)), of which has sold close to 500 units to nine countries.

Here’s what we like about aquacutlure in aquaponics:

  • Control and restrict additives
  • Quarantine, rear, & purge fish ethically
  • Removes waste without harming environment
  • Grow a lot in a little in rural and urban settings
  • Farmer is steward rather than master

Read the link below for an encouraging news story about how aquaculture is finding new fins in Africa.

How Chickens Inspired Tilapia Farming in Africa

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