Dual-Armed Tomato Picking Robot Wins at GreenTech

💡 GRoW, a tomato harvesting robot, is being looked at by its developers as an answer to labor shortages and time efficiency, as well as the future of tech-driven agriculture.

📌 What is GRoW?:

▶ An autonomous, dual-armed tomato picking robot enhanced with 3D mapping to memorize grow spaces and reduce obstacles

▶ Night vision scanning to harvest 24/7, reducing photosynthetic length normally utilized during harvests after dark

▶ On-board boxing system that places picked tomatoes onto a trolley that carries the produce into self-stacking packaging containers

🎯 Powered by AI, GRow’s manufacturers, Ridder and MetoMotion, predict GRoW will cut labor intensity by 80%, while also replenishing the absent man-power brought on by labor shortages. By replacing manual labor, as well as being equipped with cost-reduction night vision, GRoW’s calculated annual cost reduction is about 50%. GRoW was unveiled at this year’s GreenTech’s Robot Challenge, winning first place.

📷 Image: GRoW, from MetoMotion

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