After years of increasing demand, Limex has rolled out floating raft washers to remove algae, plant debris, substrate build-up, and other solids from the boards and NFT channels. Although these are large machines and are practical for large scale systems, there are other techniques small scale farmers can employ to safely clean their boards by hand.

Here are some tips from our Aquaponic Farm Management Plan to help sanitize and prepare your boards for clean, healthy transplanting and growing.

  1. Following the instructions on the chosen bottle for proper dilution ratio
  2. Wear disposable gloves
  3. Wipe off any and all plant matter and debris into a compost or waste bucket
  4. Evenly spray solution on top side of raft board
  5. Using a clean rag and wiping the solution evenly across the board, remove all grime, algae, water stains, and dried debris(touch every corner and crease!)
  6. DO NOT wipe beneath or on the side of the board
  7. Place raft board on a drying rack
  8. Prepare next raft board using a new, clean rag(one rag per board)
  9. Do not stack boards in a way that the bottom of the top board is in contact with the top of bottom board

To learn these and other standard operating procedures, check out our Aquaponic Farm Management Plan and to read more about commercial sized raft board washing machines, follow the link below for the full article.