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Project Planning and Feasibility

Turning a vision into reality is difficult. Our team streamlines the process for you by combining natural and artificial intelligence to help you grow profitably.

Agriculture is a challenging business no matter what you grow. While urban and controlled environment agriculture are exciting possibilities for sustainable agriculture systems, many fail because of unrealistic goals, commitment to under-researched equipment, or reliance on unreliable data. Our team works tirelessly to overcome these obstacles and prepare you for a successful and bountiful future.

Services Include

pencial with gears represent taking a concept and developing it into a plan

Concept Development

Your vision is important to us. At this stage, we will work with you to formulate your concept and establish key objectives. We will introduce you to many types of farms and business models to help you understand budget expectations and conduct collaborative brainstorming and work sessions. Upon completing this stage, you will have a detailed understanding of the scope and details of your project.

Market Research & Crop Selection

Based on business model and location, we contact farmers, grocery stores, and distributors to identify accurate price points and customer preferences. We can also visit stores, talk to customers, and conduct focus groups to discover local trends. At the end of this stage, we provide a detailed information report to advise you which crops are market friendly.

    icon of paper with money and data to represent an economic analysis

    Economic Analysis

    In this stage, we develop an economic model for your farm, including ROI, payback projections, operating, and capital expenses. We also highlight crucial elements for inclusion in your company plan and investor pitch deck. At the end of this stage, you will have a viable economic model for your business (we will keep working until we determine a viable model).
    Sustainability ESG Assement

    Sustainability Assessment

    We’re here to help you define sustainability. Our detailed framework analyzes numerous data points related to natural resource use and other topics typically included in an environmental, social, and governance scorecard. This stage gains better insight into areas where your future operations will have positive impacts, which areas need improvements, and the solutions to any limitations present in your current model.

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