Promising Examples of AI in Agriculture

💡 By 2050, the global population is expected to increase by 2billion people. The United Nations expects a 60% demand increase for food production. In the next decade, the amount of job opportunities in the agriculture industry is anticipated to drop by 1%. With more demand and fewer workers on the near horizon, farmers are increasingly integrating AI into their daily operations.

📌 Writing for Forbes, Luis Columbus highlights 5 encouraging AI contributions to agriculture:
▶Using drones to optimize the use of pesticides
▶ Linear AI programming to conserve water
▶Sensors are providing newly traceable data sets

▶Yield mapping is increasing crop-planning accuracy
▶Livestock monitoring is improving animal health

🎯 With a $3billion increase on AI spending in the next 5 years, adaption is becoming less of a choice and more or a mandate in agriculture. Due to the labor and data monitoring inherent in agriculture, the industry is rapidly becoming a technology-intensive field, adopting new practices to reduce stressors on farmers, and provide for the very near demand in food.

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