We at Regen Aquauculture believe that the answer to agriculture’s strain on the earth is, actually, agriculture. To solve the problems outside requires change from the inside, and who better primed for active change than those converting their farming practices to conserative techniques like aquapoincs and aquaculture?
Because aquaponics conserves an average of 90% of the water used in traditional soil agriculture, its existence is not intended to replace soil but rather alleviate the demand on soil and share the work load. Our society needs healthy soil just as our fish need water. And we’re beginning to realize that drastic change can occur from minor adjustments.
“Importantly, by increasing the water infiltration and storage capacities of soil, healthy soil can reduce the need for irigation, which is how regenerative growers can reduce their demand for water and become more water independent.”
So, it is possible for regenerative and recirculating agriculture to consume less water and increase growth. Follow the link below to read further read about how small changes in soil maintenance can lead to large results.