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As part of our mission to provide people with the knowledge to turn food into medicine, we host periodic live webinars, which allow the audience to engage in live Q & A time with our team.


Want to learn from the best? Check out Joe’s blogs. Joe enjoys looking at things from different perspectives and letting his writings blend creativity and philosophy with science in simple but elegant writing.

GRoW, a Tomato Picking Robot Wins Big at GreenTech

Dual-Armed Tomato Picking Robot Wins at GreenTech đź’ˇ GRoW, a tomato harvesting robot, is being looked at by its developers as an answer to labor shortages and time efficiency, as well as the future of tech-driven agriculture. đź“Ś What is GRoW?: â–¶ An autonomous,...

Berry, Not Humans, Picks Strawberries

Organifarm debuted their strawberry picking robot, Berry, at the Green Tech fair in Amsterdam. đź’ˇ Berry is as close to full autonomy as any AI or robot anywhere in the industry. đź“Ś Berry can:â–¶ Navigate around grow spaces and change rows inside a greenhouseâ–¶ Verify the...

Promising Examples of AI in Agriculture

Promising Examples of AI in Agriculture đź’ˇ By 2050, the global population is expected to increase by 2billion people. The United Nations expects a 60% demand increase for food production. In the next decade, the amount of job opportunities in the agriculture industry...

Farmers as Tech Leaders

Farmers as Tech Leaders đź’ˇ Emerging AI contributions in agriculture have turned the food-growing industry into a tech-dominant field. The goal of AI is to relieve the physical stressors for farmers, conserve energy and resources, and increase production, all good...
Mechanisms of probiotic actions in shrimp

Effects of probiotic interventions on production efficiency, survival rate, and immune responses of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) prawns: A meta-analysis and meta-regression

Probiotics are widely used in commercial shrimp aquaculture, but responses are variable. The objectives of this study were to quantitatively review using meta-analysis the production, survival, and immune responses of Macrobrachium rosenbergii to probiotics...

Antibiotics in Aquaponics

  💡  Most of the antibiotics used in aquaculture are not specific to aquaculture, thus promoting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria and genes. đź“Ś Research Highlights: â–¶ Authorized antibiotics in aquaculture come from substances primarily intended for...
Lactobacillus rhamnosus bacteria, animated coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM)

The effect of dietary supplementation of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GCC-3 fermentation product on gut and liver health, and resistance against bacterial infection of the genetically improved farmed tilapia (GIFT, Oreochromis niloticus)

A high-fat diet can promote the growth of fish and save protein, and its application is becoming more and more common in aquaculture. However, high-fat feed causes negative effects on fish health, including fatty liver and increased gut bacterial infections. 💡  The...

Regenerative Agriculture & Solar Panels

Regenerative Agriculture & Solar Panels: Climate Change's Sibling Rivalry  💡 Agrivoltaics, often called 'dual solar' or 'solar sharing', combines solar panels with agricultural land. Solar panels are raised 7-10ft above the ground with crops growing beneath in...

Using Solar Paneled Greenhouses to Cut Costs and Generate Energy

In an effort to cut costs in the long run, the Blue Acre Appalachian Aquaponics Facility installed 164 solar panels onto their greenhouse through collobration with Solar Holler. These 164 panels are anticipated to offset 65% of their energy needs, an estimated...

TILAFeed: A bio-based inventory for circular nutrients management and achieving bioeconomy in future aquaponics

Aquaponics currently provides us with a scalable model for a sustainable food system. However what if we made that model even better? A focus of our work at Regen Aquaculture is driving the charge toward building replicable farms based on circular agriculture. 💡 As...
Joe Pate gives inspireing words, with an image split into the top a sole tree says "continue to learn and you will continue to grow." followed by a picture on the bottom of a dense forest with the quote "Help others cultivate a passion for learning and together we will grow." This is an original by Joe Pate

From a young age my mother, father, and mentors introduced me to the joy of learning; because of their influence, it remains my favorite activity to this day. 

Without a doubt in my mind, we are on the verge of the greatest agricultural, social, and cultural revolution that this world has ever seen and I believe that together we can create a better future for all earthlings.

The following collection comprises several reading materials that I have read or that others have personally recommended and are on my list of books to read. I consider these writings exceptional and I highly recommend them.

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As part of our 5 core values, Joe Pate has released access to his personal library of over 3,000 papers. While PDFs are unable to be opened directly, many have links to their source. For anyone unable to purchase closed research papers, we recommended checking out sci-hub, the number one platform for free research papers.

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