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As part of our mission to provide people with the knowledge to turn food into medicine, we host periodic live webinars, which allow the audience to engage in live Q & A time with our team.


Want to learn from the best? Check out Joe’s blogs. Joe enjoys looking at things from different perspectives and letting his writings blend creativity and philosophy with science in simple but elegant writing.

Aquaculture Conditions on Oysters

💡 Bivalve mollusks (clams, oysters, mussels, scallops) are high in both animal protein and consumer demand. The Portuguese oyster, Crassostrea angulata, is one of the highest in-demand species among warm-water farmed bivalve mollusks. To increase the yield of this...

Essential Elements for Plant Life

💡  The presence or concentration of an element in a plant does not signify that elements essentiality to the plant. Plants are limited in which elements they are able to absorb, regardless of its essentiality or toxicity to its growth. Their selective uptake of...

Why Do Most Fish Farms Fail?

  💡  Aquaculture, the practice of farm raising fish, is positioned as the most probable and feasible response to providing responsibly-raised seafood to a market disadvantaged with dwindling supplies and unreliable sources. Although a seemingly attractive and...

Oral Vaccination in Aquaculture

  💡  Fish oral vaccines have increased in both use and availability in recent years, but their efficacy on a fish's immune system is under studied. Before reaching the immunological site, gastric acids and enzymes degrade the effectiveness of oral vaccinations. 📌...

Controlling Powdery Mildew Using Fungi

💡  Entomopathogenic fungi are typically soil-dwelling microorganisms that infect and kill insects and other arthropods( spiders, mites, centipedes). Being more tolerant to changing environmental conditions than other microbial biocontrols, fungal biological control...

Collagen from Aquaponic Tilapia Skin

💡 Collagen, a protein found in skin and connective tissues, used in biomedical applications is normally derived from the tissue of animals such as cattle, pigs, horses, and sheep. However, disease transmission risks, immune reactions, and cultural and religious...

Using AR in Aquaponics for Reality-Based Education

💡  Researchers developed an educational augmented reality(AR) program centered on aquaponics to identify the impact AR has on students' learning gains, motivation of students to learn about aquaponics, and student's overall satisfaction using AR. The experiment...

Does the Rainbow Trout Need Aquaponics?

💡  A rapidly changing climate in open-loop aquaculture systems is leading to increased aquatic mortalities and lower productivity. Although rainbow trout is one of the major freshwater fish cultured globally, it is commercially under-developed in aquaponics. 📌...

Short-cycle Harvesting to Avoid Tip Burn in Indoor Growing

💡  Tip burn is an environmental nutrient disorder that appears in the later weeks of the production cycle, between weeks 5-6. Tip burn occurs when there is a calcium deficiency at the edges of the inner leaves due to the plant's growth ability to outpace the calcium...

Overfishing and Aquaculture’s Needed Response

Using fish in an aquaponics system feeds two sources: plants and humans. The fish provide the bacterial-rich effluent that converts into plant food, and humans consume a hearty diet of fish for a protein-rich diet. A small cohort of fish grown aquaponically could be...
Joe Pate gives inspireing words, with an image split into the top a sole tree says "continue to learn and you will continue to grow." followed by a picture on the bottom of a dense forest with the quote "Help others cultivate a passion for learning and together we will grow." This is an original by Joe Pate

From a young age my mother, father, and mentors introduced me to the joy of learning; because of their influence, it remains my favorite activity to this day. 

Without a doubt in my mind, we are on the verge of the greatest agricultural, social, and cultural revolution that this world has ever seen and I believe that together we can create a better future for all earthlings.

The following collection comprises several reading materials that I have read or that others have personally recommended and are on my list of books to read. I consider these writings exceptional and I highly recommend them.

Joe’s Personal Library


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As part of our 5 core values, Joe Pate has released access to his personal library of over 3,000 papers. While PDFs are unable to be opened directly, many have links to their source. For anyone unable to purchase closed research papers, we recommended checking out sci-hub, the number one platform for free research papers.

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