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As part of our mission to provide people with the knowledge to turn food into medicine, we host periodic live webinars, which allow the audience to engage in live Q & A time with our team.


Want to learn from the best? Check out Joe’s blogs. Joe enjoys looking at things from different perspectives and letting his writings blend creativity and philosophy with science in simple but elegant writing.

pH During Cycling in Aquaponics

The pH level is one of the essential factors in aquaponics. pH stands for potential hydrogen, a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the water. It has a significant effect on the growth and health of both the plants and fish in the system. The acceptable pH range...

Guide To Choosing a Water Quality Lab for Your Aquaponics Operation

Choosing a Qualified Laboratory for Macro and Micro Mineral Testing of Water Quality What to Look for in a Qualified Water Quality Laboratory When selecting a qualified laboratory for macro and micro mineral testing of water quality, it is important to take into...

Potassium in Aquaponic Systems

Potassium is an essential element for higher plants. This element plays a vital role in many important biological processes. For instance, in aquaponic systems, it is important to carefully manage potassium levels to ensure optimal plant growth and yield. In this...

Synergy Between Ammonium & Nitrate

💡Protein synthesis is fundamental in all living organisms, including plants. It involves the construction of proteins from amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. The synthesis of proteins is essential for the proper functioning of plants and is...

Transpiration Rate and Nutrient Uptake

💡  In plants, transpiration, along with root pressure, affects the rate of water flux across both the root and xylem vessels. Increasing the rate of transpiration can sometimes enhance the uptake and placements of elements in the xylem. This enhancement depends on...

Why Nitrogen Is Important to Plants

💡  About 1-5% of total plant dry matter consists on nitrogen, which is the second highest required element in plants, second only to carbon.  Nitrogen is essential for plant metabolism as a constituent of proteins, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, co-enzymes, phytohormones...

Profitability of Small-scale Aquaponics

💡  A recent study was conducted to determine the profitability of a commercial-scale aquaponics farm dedicated to tilapia and lettuce production. By integrating design and operational data into a techno-economic analysis(TEA), parameters such as initial investment...

Free Best Practices Guides for Download

💡  In early November 2022, Resource Innovation Institute(RII) has released three free horticulture best practices guides for CEA operations. Each guide is available for individual download at absolutely no cost. These guides provide in-depth description of three...

Plant Extracts as Insecticides

💡As agriculture's role in sustaining human life has become burdened with demand, the use of harmful chemicals has also risen to allow abundant, pest-free crops. Synthetic insecticides offer quick, effective mitigation strategies, but their increased use has led to...

Medicinal Plants Grown in Aquaponics

  💡  Aquaponics and hydroponics both are used primarily to cultivate vegetables and leafy greens. The prospect of cultivating medicinal plants using aquaponics and hydroponics to optimize secondary metabolites in medicinal plants is an exciting venture....
Joe Pate gives inspireing words, with an image split into the top a sole tree says "continue to learn and you will continue to grow." followed by a picture on the bottom of a dense forest with the quote "Help others cultivate a passion for learning and together we will grow." This is an original by Joe Pate

From a young age my mother, father, and mentors introduced me to the joy of learning; because of their influence, it remains my favorite activity to this day. 

Without a doubt in my mind, we are on the verge of the greatest agricultural, social, and cultural revolution that this world has ever seen and I believe that together we can create a better future for all earthlings.

The following collection comprises several reading materials that I have read or that others have personally recommended and are on my list of books to read. I consider these writings exceptional and I highly recommend them.

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As part of our 5 core values, Joe Pate has released access to his personal library of over 3,000 papers. While PDFs are unable to be opened directly, many have links to their source. For anyone unable to purchase closed research papers, we recommended checking out sci-hub, the number one platform for free research papers.

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