Regen Aquaculture helps make you stand out in a world with an abundance of equipment and technology suppliers

Our team will help ensure that your equipment, technology, and crops are something people want to use repeatedly and recommend to others.


Product Development & Technology Review

The data you need with the industry context that only we can provide

Products made for farmers should be tested by farmers. Whether you need help with a new product or are looking to improve an existing one, Regen Aquaculture can help ensure that your product represents its best version when it is released.  

Product Development

Knowing your customer is essential for a successful business. Few in the world understand aquaponics as in-depth and are as deeply entwined in the fabric of the industry as we are we.

Our team can ensure that your product aligns with the needs of the customer. Here we will provide you with industry insights, trends, areas of concern, and recommendations that help ensure your product is ready to launch.


Technology Review

Technology is something that can make or break an operation. Our team will review your technology and provide an in-depth review, evaluating benchmark datasets,  financial and operational assumptions, and general performance to provide critical feedback on the technology, crop yield, energy/labor efficiency, and growing costs.

Custom Workshops

Regen Aquaculture’s workshops are perfect for educating and empowering your team in the field of CEA and urban agriculture

Designed to the clients’ specific needs, these workshops are suited for private companies, public entities, educational institutions, or individuals looking to explore CEA and urban agriculture. Working closely with the host, Regen Aquaculture will plan, organize, and execute the entire workshop from start to finish.

Potential Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Local Agriculture
  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture / Aquaculture
  • Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  • The Future of Food Systems
  • Case Studies from Urban Ag and Aquaponic Farms
  • Introduction to CEA, Regenerative Agriculture, and Aquaponic Technologies
  • Review of Industry Equipment and Technology Limitations
  • And many more…
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Content and Marketing Development

 Establishing a brand you’re proud of is important. We have a dedicated marketing team with a proven track record of helping businesses start successfully and inspire customer support.

We can assist with:

  • SEO Optimization
  • Google Adwords
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Media
  • Branding 
  • Marketing Audit

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