Crop Management

The Aquaponic Farm Management Plan

A Holistic Plan for Operating Commercial Aquaponic Farms

Authoritative Resource for Responsible Farm Management
The Aquaponic Farm Management Plan: Leafy-greens & Herbs Module is for farmers focusing on leafy greens and herb production.

Comfortably Comprehensive
This 700-page manual is organized in a user-friendly way that makes finding your reference quick and efficient.

Adjustable & Easy To Use
The manual is designed to effortlessly grow any crop based on your specific farm needs. This comprehensive manual can be customized to fit the needs of every farm.


An indispensable resource for farmers to achieve excellence in growing and operational procedures.


What’s in The Aquaponic Farm Management Plan?

Food Safety Plans 

An example of a complete food safety plan that provides a model for adopting best practices.

Standard Operating Procedures

Over 35 individual SOPs relevant to farm management are derived from industry experts to help your farm run more effortlessly and efficiently. 

Included SOPs:

    • Aquaponic Waste Management
    • Biosecurity and Food Safety
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Fish Management
    • Plant Operations
    • Transportation
    • Water Quality

Checklists & Daily Logs

Dedicated checklists and logs covering daily and monthly tasks, foliar applications, crop traceability, compost production, air quality monitoring, seed and planting stock search records, and much more. 

Pre-Harvest & Harvest Plans

Pre-harvest area assessment logs, traceback and recall logs, and transportation logs.

Integrated Crop Management Plan

Guidelines for pest prevention, monitoring and treatment, and identification and management references.

Certification Documentation

References for chemical certification charts, eligibility criteria, and regulation classifications. 

Laboratory Analysis Reports

Store all past laboratory analyses, and action reports per certification requirements

Internal Audits 

We have included a series of internal audits for Best Aquaculture Practices, USDA Organic, GlobalG.A.P Food safety, USDA Harmonized GAP+, and Certified Naturally Grown


Useable signage to be hung around the greenhouse and management facilities.



Interested in a customized plan for your farm?

Is the Aquaponic Farm Management Plan Right for Your Farm?


Interested in a customized plan for your farm?

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