Aquaponics currently provides us with a scalable model for a sustainable food system. However what if we made that model even better? A focus of our work at Regen Aquaculture is driving the charge toward building replicable farms based on circular agriculture.

💡 As circular bioeconomy greatly emphasizes developing bio-based solutions, the presented novel inventory ‘TilaFeed’ and its associated utility tools is a step towards achieving more circular nutrient utilization and bioeconomy in future aquaponics.

📌Research Highlights:
 ▶ Presented inventory may aid in centralized and ‘one formula’ solutions for aquaponics.
 ▶ Avoid or limit artificial fertilizer use in aquaponics by smartly tailored aquafeeds.
 ▶ Equip system managers with improved nutrient management of their aquaponic systems.
 ▶ Compatible with nutrient formulation software using linear or stochastic programming.

🎯 Based on TilaFeed-Model, feed for future aquaponics may be more precisely formulated with the principle that nutrients are not only a resource for fish, but excreted nutrients from fish (feed) also fertilize the microbes and plants.

📖 The present study delivers an important contribution to improve the nutrients efficiency of aquaponics. It introduces an Excel workbook concerning nutrient components (both for fish and plants) which is compatible with nutrient formulation software.

📷Image:Mind-map of the origin and uses of TilaFeed inventory. Overlayed on a ‘formula-one’ background to highlight its intended ‘one formula’ solution for aquaponics (visible in electronic form only).

Source: Roy, K., Kajgrova, L. and Mraz, J., 2022. TILAFeed: a bio-based inventory for circular nutrients management and achieving bioeconomy in future aquaponics. New Biotechnology.

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