In July of 2022, team members from Regen Aquaculture partnered with The Aquaponic Source to install a 1,000 gallon custom Flourish Fish Farm, designed and sourced by the The Aquaponic Source.

Farmers Tom & Sarah own and operate Grateful Gardeners, a sustainable farm in Poolesville, MD specializing in cut flower production with an expertise and focus on dahlias. 

The System

Thanks to the install team, Tom & Sarah’s greenhouse now houses:

(2) 500 gallon fish tanks
(1) 2′ x 20′ DWC elevated growing trough
(1) AST Polygeyser 6000 Bead Filter
(19) AutoPot Buckets
(2) Microgreen and Seedling Start Nursery
(1) Mineralization tank
(2) Sumps: 1 Fish, 1 Plant

Prior to the install, Tom self-installed:

(2) 5′ x 44′ Flood and drain DWC bench
(1) 4′ x 44′ Soil bucket drip bench

Both the flood and and drain DWC benches and the soil bucket drip bench are supplied water from independent reservoirs topped off with water from the aquaponic system.


The Experiment

Tom & Sarah practice sustainable farming practices. They operate a no till or cover crop farm, utilize worm and compost tea fertigation for their soil, and now are going to incorporate their aquaponics system into their ornamental

Team members from Regen Aquaculture & The Aquaponic Source spent four days with farmers Tom & Sarah in Maryland.

flower production.

With help from us at Regen Aquaculture, Tom & Sarah are going to experiment with dialing in the nutrient demands for commercial quantities of cut flowers with priority focus on dahlias, lisianthus, and zinnias. Once fish are introduced into the system and the growing process begins, their success will have enormous implications across the aquaponic industry. Cut flower production is somewhat untested on a commercial aquaponic scale.  This system and output are still in their infancy, but we’re going to update and showcase their process every step of the way to prove that commercial scale cut flowers can be financially sustainable and profitable using an aquaponic system.

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