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 Helping farmers create a world with an abundance of fresh food, water, and air for generations to come

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Our Story

At Regen Aquaculture, we are a team of individuals dedicated to creating an abundant future on Earth. One where all humans eat healthy food, drink clean water, and breathe fresh air for generations to come.

The conventional ways of farming have resulted in climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and desertification. Fortunately, using regenerative practices, we can change agriculture from being the most destructive force in the world into the solution for building soils, restoring waterways, and purifying air.

We help propel ecosystem regeneration by developing the resources, tools, and knowledge to help farmers convert these destructive practices into ones that create a more profitable and prosperous operation.

Meet the Founder

George “Joe” Pate is a leading aquaponic consultant and the founder of Regenerative Ecosystems-an agricultural consulting company specializing in the research, development, and implementation of regenerative agriculture practices and biotechnologies. Regen Aquaculture is the branch dedicated to regenerative aquaculture systems such as aquaponics.

Joe’s regenerative passion began when he was growing up surrounded by the sprawling forests and farms of Northern Kentucky. He was raised by a horticultural expert and spent much of his early years working in produce and ornamental gardens where he observed and learned to communicate with nature.

Like many of us, Joe has witnessed the consequences that conventional agricultural practices have imposed on our planet.

Determined to change how society farms, Joe has devoted his life to serving and teaching those who share his commitment.

Our Clients

Regardless of your role in sustainable food production,

our mission is to help you succeed

We provide data-driven design, research, benchmarking, and strategy services to controlled environment agriculture (CEA) suppliers, innovators, investors, and corporations.


“Joe’s expertise in setting up my system took away all of the concerns I had with any part of the complex installation.”

Mike Tillis, Ocean Springs, Missouri

“Regen really knows their stuff. I came to Joe knowing a fair amount about aquaponics but still fearful of navigating the operational road ahead. Joe’s detailed and comprehensive analysis eased these fears, so that I can pursue the dream of feeding people ecologically with much greater confidence.”

Nate Downey, CEO/ Owner, Lettuce Etc, Santa Fe, NM

“Just loved it… this stuff isn’t talked about too much so am grateful to have come across your work.”

Jonathan Luckhurst, Sea to Sky Botanics, Edmonton, Canada

“Joe’s presentation gave me alot of useful and applicable information that I’ll be able to bring to my own customers. This is information that is not well known or easy to find. I’m very grateful for it!”

Jonathan Luckhurst, Sea to Sky Botanics, Edmonton, Canada

“[Joe’s] ability to simplify complex issues and topics in aquaponics is superb. We are now taking a deep look at how we run our facility to get to the root of our problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. Hopefully we can take our growing to the next level!”

Dustin Giesenhagen

Our Clients

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