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Hello! This page is dedicated to our free apps and calculators that we have developed to help drive innovation and collaboration in the regenerative agri/aquaculture field. These materials are part of our Five Core Values.

Looking for something that’s not here? Let us know and we will put it into the list of resources we hope to create.

Pesticide Toxicity Calculator

Aquaponic Fertilizer Application Cost Comparison

Try this simple-to-use calculator to determine the best way to fertilize your system. Compare the cost of feeding rates and ROI of direct additions to foliar application applied by humans or machines.

Pesticide Toxicity Calculator

Aquaponic Pesticide Toxicity Calculator (Imperial)

Don’t guess if a pesticide or plant protectant is fish safe, instead use our simple calculator to ensure it is.

Mobile Version (IOS and Android compatible)

Desktop Version

Pesticide Toxicity Calculator

Regenerative Nutrient and Pest Program ROI Calculator

Using the provided form you can estimate the potential revenue of your farm using our consulting services and customized Regenerative Nutrient and Preventive Pest Program and more importantly your Return-On-Investment

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