Complete Aquaponic Standard Operating Procedures


Simplify your farm management practices by employing our standard operating procedures derived from industry experts to help your farm run more effortlessly and efficiently.

Our standard operating procedures eliminate the headaches and guesswork from every day farm management operations. Our SOPs describe step-by-step processes to properly perform the activities necessary to complete tasks in accordance with industry and certifying regulations.  Following SOPs guarantees your farm management practices are consistent and reliable, allowing you to beneficially balance your workload.

Available SOPs include:

  • Aquaponic Waste Management
  1. Bead Filter Solids Removal
  2. Fish Mortalities Disposal
  3. Matala Mat Cleaning
  4. Mineralization Tank Operations
  • Biosecurity and Food Safety
  1. Biosecure Entry Procedures
  2. Cleaning and Sanitizing
  3. Filling and Maintaining the Foot Bath
  4. Handwashing
  5. On Farm Illness and Injury
  6. Pest Monitoring and Corrective Actions
  7. Shift Closedown
  8. Shift Startup
  9. Traceability
  • Equipment Maintenance
  1. Aeration Filter Cleaning
  2. Air Diffuser
  3. Backpack and Hand Sprayer Calibration
  4. Backpack and Hand Sprayer Cleaning
  5. Flow Rate Testing
  6. pH Probe Cleaning and Calibration
  7. Pump Inspection and Cleaning Standards
  • Fish Management
  1. Feeding Fish
  2. Monitoring for Fish Health
  3. Quarantine System
  • Plant Operations
  1. Foliar Spray
  2. Germination System
  3. Harvesting Plants
  4. Operation of Media Beds
  5. Propagating Plants
  6. Raft Board Cleaning
  7. Scouting for Pests
  8. Seeding Microgreens
  9. Seeding Plug Trays
  10. Transplanting into 2x2 Rafts
  11. Transplanting into DWC Rafts
  • Transportation
  1. Cleaning Produce Transportation Vehicle
  • Water Quality
  1. pH Adjustments
  2. Water Additions
  3. Water Cycling
  4. Water Quality Testing